What is the standard turnaround time for a service?

On average, our services take 2-4 weeks to complete once we receive a bag depending on the complexity of the job. Authentications and simple repairs are take a week or two.

Can you expedite services?

We do not offer any rush service due to the nature of the service.

What does process of the service include?

1) Remove & polish all hardware.
2) Clean the bag inside and out.
3) Rehydrate & condition all leather components.
4) Apply pigment to restore the original color and luster.

*Deep scratches will remain as the polish itself needs to be gentle enough to not remove the finish.

*All pigments are matched to an area where the leather has not been discolored by wear, UV damage, or oxidation (unless otherwise requested).

Will the texture change after pigments have been applied?

Sometimes there can be a compromise between texture and aesthetics with restorations, but we always do our best to find an artful balance while keeping the leather as soft as possible.

How long does the new treatment last?

A high end handbag service last but just like anything, it will age similarly to how the leather did originally. You can extend the life of your handbag with careful carrying and proper storage, and with the use of our service every couple of years.